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Everything Whole-Wheat Sourdough Cookbook

Rita takes sourdough baking to a whole new level of simplicity!



She explains everything you need to know about caring for your sourdough starter in easy-to-understand instructions with pictures.


This cookbook introduces her simple 2-step method so you can make sourdough baking without all the complicated steps.


Make delicious savory sourdough baking such as breads, buns, croissants, crepes, pancakes, waffles, bagels, pizza, crackers, pasta, perogies and more!


Sourdough is for desserts too! Make sourdough muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, turnovers, fruit bars and more!

Everything Stevia by Rita Peterson


A down-to-earth practical cookbook, Everything Stevia!

Everything Stevia is 3 books in 1!


It has an elaborate gardening chapter containing in-depth information on how to grow, harvest, dry,

and store stevia.


A comprehensive back-to-basics chapter equipping you to be self-sufficient in the kitchen making staples

such as dairy/vegan yogurt, vegan milks, whole-wheat and gluten-free bread, dehydrating foods,

nut/seed butters..etc.


This cookbook utilizes everyday ingredients, using homemade stevia extract, to make over 160 plus

mouth-watering, family-friendly recipes.


All recipes have a whole-wheat and gluten-free variation which are also sugar-free and dairy-free


Granola, cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, crisps & cobblers, bars, ice-cream, pudding, spreads,

condiments, drinks, and more!


230 pages, full color book with hundreds of photos and easy to understand directions

This is the most comprehensive

stevia book on the market!


This cookbook will blow you away
with how thorough it is!

"I grew stevia last summer. Your book wasn’t out yet so I winged it. My stevia was awful. After reading your book I know ALL the things I did wrong. I purchased 300 grams of stevia from a source in your book and made the stevia according to your instructions. It was great. I have made the yogurt as well as the sour dough starter. My husband loves the bread. Bravo"

Dee, Prince George, BC


"Your cookbook is amazing!! My stevia seeds just sprouted under my grow lights. I have 3 little sprouts, and cannot wait to have my own stevia for recipes. Thank you!"

Kristine, Crystal Lake, IL USA

"Well Rita, I ordered stevia leaves and followed your directions in the book to make the liquid stevia. It is amazing, it doesn't have the bitter (or whatever that taste is) taste. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!"

Shelly, Edmonton, AB


"I just downloaded your ebook, Everything Stevia, and WOW, it's a gold mine of information.
Thank you!"


Quebec, Canada

"I just downloaded your eBook Everything Stevia and did a quick browse through it. The amount of details you included in it is rare for a book. Thank you sooo much! Can't wait to get started.




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