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Stevia Extract

Everything Homemade Stevia Extract can be purchased locally at Homesteader Health Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada


Where it all began...

My quest was figuring out how to make a stevia extract without all the additives and extra stabilizers in it. So I began growing my own plants, harvesting their leaves, and making my own stevia extract to be used in drinks, all kinds of baking, and to completely eliminate refined sugar in my families diet. Others tried it and fell in love with it because it has no bitter aftertaste. At that time, selling my stevia extract never occurred to me, then....


Others asked for the Extract!

And from there almost a year later, I began bottling up my stevia extract for the general public to enjoy!

When you purchase my stevia extract remember there is NO stabilizers, NO additives, NO funny ingredients so this product must remain refrigerated. 

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