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Courageous Actions...
True Perseverance...
Unconditional Love...


 Twelve-year-old Carter Nelson finds himself discovering his true  calling when a fascinating young man visits the Pregnancy Care Centre.  With an opportunity of a lifetime in front of him, he uses his talents  to reach out to a young distraught teen. Befriending her won’t be easy,  but the inquisitive boy along with his parents have a plan. Ignoring the  teasing and bullying from his classmates, Carter demonstrates the  importance of reaching out to others. But it doesn’t stop there,  Carter’s day hike with Emily will bring a delightful miracle back into  the Nelson’s lives.

Meanwhile Megan Miller returns from Harvard  and is now a doctor at the centre. Reality sets in when the pressure is  on with a new patient admittance. The patient’s brother’s arrogant  comments frazzles Dr. Miller’s mind causing her to lose confidence in  herself. With the brother’s constant presents at the centre, Megan’s  focus is scattered and she begins to buckle under pressure. Will she  have the strength to continue treating patients or is it all too much?

Adyita and Ivy Kumar are expecting their first child together. But that won’t be the only big event in their lives. Unbeknownst to them, something even bigger is about to shake their world as they know it.  


212 page book

A Heart's Journey: Heart's Call Book 4 Ebook

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