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Courageous Actions...

True Perseverance...

Unconditional Love...


Detective  Paul Bryant is at his wits’ end hunting down a recently released  convict, but his personal life, devoid of any female relationship, fogs  his mind at work. Paul already knows the woman he loves, but finding the  courage to ask her out is impossible. Miserable, lonely, and  emotionally drained, the detective finds himself battling crime and love  at the same time.


Meanwhile Doctors Clyde and Lily Ann Nelson  embark on an exciting adventure before winter sets in. With fall in full  swing, they set out on the last hike of the season. What could go  wrong? A perfect early morning trek on the trails unfolds a chain of  events that will push both parents and their son, Carter, to rely on  their intuition, perseverance, and faith. 


At the same time,  Adyita Kumar, is planning a wedding without proposing to the bride  first. Flustered and stressed, he takes it upon himself to not only  organize the wedding, but plan a proposal only a child would dream up.  Can Adyita pull off this risky move?

Three separate couples and three different agendas collide in a moment’s notice, causing a wave of unforgettable events. 


247 page book

A Heart's Journey: Heart's Comfort Book 3 Ebook

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