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Courageous Actions...

True Perseverance...

Unconditional Love...


What  was supposed to be a smooth, grand opening to the Pregnancy Care Centre  begins a chain of events that will test Dr. Lily Ann Nelson’s  perseverance. If raising her twenty-month-old son, Carter, didn’t make  her busy enough, Lily Ann is pressured by the government to open the  centre a week earlier than requested, consequently, now she is  short-staffed. To make matters worse, Ivy White, a newly hired  labor-and-delivery nurse, becomes deathly ill at the same time as an  unconscious teen and her newborn baby show up at the centre. Both Lily  Ann and her husband, Dr. Clyde Nelson, face challenging dilemmas.


Adyita  Kumar enters the scene, falling for Ivy, and offering tender help for  her ten-year-old, distraught daughter, Willow. Adyita’s out-of-character  response to this new widow and her daughter surprise the Nelsons, but  they appreciate Adyita’s extra aid. Can Adyita connect with Ivy in such a  way to bring her back from her secret and the mess she’s made of her  life?


Heart’s Courage is a story of courage and hope that will  touch the inner core of your heart and ignite unconditional love toward  the people in your life.


230 page book

A Heart's Journey: Heart's Courage Book 2 Ebook

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