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This booklet is perfect for the beginner gardener! I provide a streamline layout which helps you to set-up your garden. I answer questions on how to decide where and how to set-up your garden, tools acturally needs, hints and tips, how to garden on a budget, and a detailed list on which plants you should start in what month. Which plants to sow directly outside. When to and what plants to plant in your greenhouse and more!


Table of contents:


Know your Growing Zone

Watch the Sun

Watch the Frost Line

Learn Your Weather Patterns

Understand our Short Growing Season

Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomatoes

Urban Gardening vs. Rural Gardening

Preparing the Garden

Fencing Your Garden

To Mulch or not to Mulch?

Growing a Garden in Raised Beds and Pot, or Old Fashioned Gardening?

Gardening is Only as Expensive as you Make It!

What Garden Tools and Items do I Need or Should Think About?

Know Your Weeds

Time to Plant

What is, and How to Harden off Plants

Important Hints on Planting Seeds

What Month to Start Your Seeds Indoors

What Month to Direct Sow Your Seeds Outside

What Month to Transplant Your Starter Plants Outside

What Month to Transplant your Starter plants in the Greenhouse

Gardening 101 Zones 1-3 Booklet ebook

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