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Back-to-Basics in the Kitchen by Rita Peterson This book is a copy of the Back-to-Basics section in the Everything Stevia book for you who don't want the entire book but only the back-to-basics in the kitchen section.


In this cookbook you will Learn some important basics in the kitchen. Learn how to make staple items needed for most recipes. For example: Making your own vegan milk and yogurt using coconut, oat, almond, or cashews provides you with a quality product which tastes fresh and has no added preservatives or stabilizers. There are recipes for making stevia extract, dairy/vegan by-products, chocolate, dehydrated strawberries…etc. 36 pages, full color with lots of step-by-step photos.


Table of Contents

How to Use this Cookbook - 4

Stevia Extract - 6

Coconut Milk and Cream - 9

Coconut Fruit Salad - 9

Oat Milk - 11

Almond Milk - 12

Cashew Milk - 13

Dairy Yogurt - 14

Vegan Yogurt - 15

Yogurt Cream Cheese - 16

Dairy Whip Cream - 17

Coconut Whip Cream - 17

Coconut Manna - 18

Condensed Milk - 19

How to Make a Meringue - 20

Applesauce - 21

Nut and Seed Butter - 22

Chocolate Bars or Chips - 23

Properly Prepared Nuts and Seeds - 24

How to Make Sprouted Flour - 26

Sourdough Starter - 27

Sourdough Bread - 30

Coconut Flour Bread or Biscuit/Buns - 31

Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables - 32

Fruit and Vegetable Powders – 34

About the Author - 36

Back-to-Basics in the Kitchen Ebook

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