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Author, Rita Peterson, loves to write clean action romance fiction novels

which entertain and inspire!

Her first series, A Heart's Journey, is set in Alaska where a decaying medical system will bring the good, bad, and ugly out of people. With what seems to

be a negative life altering move for Lily Ann, will instead cause her to physically accept herself, spiritually grow, and find the one thing she never had...Love. 

Snuggle up to an action filled romance series that will not only leave you wondering what is going to happen next, but give you new love for others

and a drive to make a difference.

A Heart's Journey Series

Courageous Actions

True Perseverance

Unconditional Love


Heart's Cry

Book 1

Lily  Ann MacBride, an accomplished and respected OB/GYN, is forced to  transfer from Seattle, Washington due to the jealousy of an overbearing  boss. On arrival in Anchorage, Alaska, she meets a handsome rustic  doctor, Clyde Nelson, who stirs up

all kinds of emotions she would rather remained buried.


Both  doctors find themselves captivated with each other, but are unwilling  to let their guard down. Lily Ann’s internal battle with her own  self-worth and personal acceptance, mixed with past rejections, prevents  her from falling in love. Clyde, conversely, longs for a woman’s love,  but needs to mentally and emotionally move on from his tragic past.

Can Clyde and Lily Ann overcome their barriers?

Hearts Courage[3960].jpg

Heart's Courage

Book 2

What  was supposed to be a smooth, grand opening to the Pregnancy Care Centre  begins a chain of events that will test Dr. Lily Ann Nelson’s  perseverance. If raising her twenty-month-old son, Carter, didn’t make  her busy enough, Lily Ann is pressured by the government to open the  centre a week earlier than requested, consequently, now she is  short-staffed. To make matters worse, Ivy White, a newly hired  labor-and-delivery nurse, becomes deathly ill at the same time as an  unconscious teen and her newborn baby show up at the centre. Both Lily  Ann and her husband, Dr. Clyde Nelson, face challenging dilemmas.


Adyita  Kumar enters the scene, falling for Ivy, and offering tender help for  her ten-year-old, distraught daughter, Willow. Adyita’s out-of-character  response to this new widow and her daughter surprise the Nelsons, but  they appreciate Adyita’s extra aid. Can Adyita connect with Ivy in such a  way to bring her back from her secret and the mess she’s made of her  life?


Heart’s Courage is a story of courage and hope that will  touch the inner core of your heart and ignite unconditional love toward the people in your life.

Hearts Comfort.jpg

Heart's Comfort

Book 3

Detective  Paul Bryant is at his wits’ end hunting down a recently released  convict, but his personal life, devoid of any female relationship, fogs  his mind at work. Paul already knows the woman he loves, but finding the  courage to ask her out is impossible. Miserable, lonely, and  emotionally drained, the detective finds himself battling crime and love  at the same time.


Meanwhile Doctors Clyde and Lily Ann Nelson  embark on an exciting adventure before winter sets in. With fall in full  swing, they set out on the last hike of the season. What could go  wrong? A perfect early morning trek on the trails unfolds a chain of  events that will push both parents and their son, Carter, to rely on  their intuition, perseverance, and faith. 

At the same time,  Adyita Kumar, is planning a wedding without proposing to the bride  first. Flustered and stressed, he takes it upon himself to not only  organize the wedding, but plan a proposal only a child would dream up.  Can Adyita pull off this risky move?

Hearts Call copy.jpg

Heart's Call

Book 4

Twelve-year-old Carter Nelson finds himself discovering his true  calling when a fascinating young man visits the Pregnancy Care Centre.  With an opportunity of a lifetime in front of him, he uses his talents  to reach out to a young distraught teen. Befriending her won’t be easy,  but the inquisitive boy along with his parents have a plan. Ignoring the  teasing and bullying from his classmates, Carter demonstrates the  importance of reaching out to others. But it doesn’t stop there,  Carter’s day hike with Emily will bring a delightful miracle back into  the Nelson’s lives.

Meanwhile Megan Miller returns from Harvard  and is now a doctor at the centre. Reality sets in when the pressure is  on with a new patient admittance. The patient’s brother’s arrogant  comments frazzles Dr. Miller’s mind causing her to lose confidence in  herself. With the brother’s constant presents at the centre, Megan’s  focus is scattered and she begins to buckle under pressure. Will she  have the strength to continue treating patients or is it all too much?

Adyita and Ivy Kumar are expecting their first child together. But that won’t be the only big event in their lives. Unbeknownst to them, something even bigger is about to shake their world as they know it.  

A Heart's Journey Series sold
as paperbacks, ebooks, or sets

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