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I succesfully grow stevia in my garden in northern Alberta, Canada. In fact, out of 40 plants we harvest enough stevia leaves to only use stevia as our sweetner! It's impowering to know that I can grow my own sweetner and never have to buy sugar! I share with you all I know in this ebook :)

***This is the gardening section taken out of the Everything Stevia cookbook for those that only want to learn how to garden stevia but not buy the enitre cookbook.***


This book covers everything you need to know about growing stevia successfully!


This ebook is all about how to grow, harvest, dry, and store stevia. I also teach you how to make your very own stevia extract from the leaves you harvested. I share links to where you can purchase stevia leaves in bulk and buy seed in Canada and the USA.


Table of Contents


Stevia Growing Overview - 5

Growing Stevia Plants from Seed - 6

The First Transplant - 10

Pinching Off - 11

The Second Transplant - 12

Diversity of Stevia Leaves’ Shapes and Sizes - 14

Propagating Stevia by Cuttings – 15

Hardening Off Stevia Plants - 19

Growing Stevia Plants Outside - 20

Growing Stevia Plants in a Greenhouse - 22

Fertilizing Stevia Plants - 23

Stevia Flowers and Seed Production - 23

Harvesting Stevia Leaves - 24

Storing Dried Stevia Leaves - 26

Over-wintering Stevia Plants - 27

Stevia Extract - 28

Purchasing Stevia Leaves and Seeds - 31

About the Author - 33

How to Garden Stevia ebook

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