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Mystery Keeper tomato plants are determined (growing about 3-4 feet in tall) heirloom variety that ripen from the inside out and keep for up to 4-6 months in storage. The beefsteak size fruits when mature can be picked green and stored away individually wrapped in paper or tissue paper. The fruit will ripen to a yellow then to a pinkish-reddish color in the inside and be light pinkish in color on the outside. I grow them because they are the best storage tomato every! Even when ripe the tomato is firm, low acidity, sweet, with a mild tomato flavor. In the north, pulling out a fresh tomato picked from your garden is such a treat! I personally love this variety as it means our family can have fresh tomatoes all-year-round! These plants will need support and are about 70 days from transplant and do great in growing in gallon pots or straight into the garden. In my northern zone, I do find the plants growing larger fruit if grown in the greenhouse vs outside. These fruits also have very little seeds and are quite meaty!
About 40 to 50 seeds per pkg

Mystery Keeper Tomato (Best Long-Term Storage Tomato)

SKU: Mystery Keeper
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