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Red Robin is an heirloom dwarf variety that is determined and grows 6-12 inches tall. These tiny plants have pinkish ripe medium cherry fruits which cover the entire plant. In comparison to the plant size, the fruits are an average cherry tomato size! Perfect for containers, hanging baskets, on the patio, in the house growing. The plants are very sturdy and require no support. Great tomato plants for young kids to grow as well. The fruits are great for fresh eating! My family loves the low acidity and milder tomato flavor. These small plants have heavy yields and are perfect for small spaces. We grow them because the plants look so cute and I can stick them just about anywhere around the year in pots! (55-60 days from transplant)
40 to 50 seeds per pkg

Red Robin Tomato (Only 1 foot tall plant!)

SKU: Red Robin
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