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To be able to grow your own popcorn is an experience all to itself! There is nothing like garden fresh popcorn that is non-GMO, organic, and so easy to grow and prepare, everyone should grow popcorn in their yards. I grow mine in containers and in the garden soil. This plant grows on average 3 feet tall but given lots of manure can reach 4 feet! Each plant has 2-3 cobs that are 2-3 inches long. The cobs maybe small but they are loaded with seeds. We store away about 3.5 gallons of popcorn seeds to enjoy popcorn all winter long as a family. Watch the video and see how to harvest, dry, and store the popcorn seeds. These plants are super fast maturing at only around 60 days which is perfect for northern climate like mine.
About 50 seeds per packet

Tom Thumb Popcorn

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