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Everything Homemade Starter Cultures

Canada & USA & Worldwide
Shipping Available for all Cultures!

Cultures rock and I'm excited to share them with you!

Over 10 years ago I began making my own yogurt and from there my love for cultures grew to where they are an important everyday part of our meals.

Brown Rice Sourdough Pancakes
Whole Wheat Sourdough Cheese Roll

Brown Rice
Sourdough Pancakes

Sourdough Cheese

Explore our Starter Culture Collection

Brown Rice Dehydrated Starter Culture

Whole-Wheat Dehydrated Starter Culture

Greek Yogurt Dehydrated Starter Culture

Buttermilk Dehydrated Starter Culture

Did you know the Greek yogurt culture is your thermophilic culture and your buttermilk culture is your mesophilic culture needed to make different kinds of cheese! If you purchase these cultures you can make all your soft and hard cheeses with never having to buy culture again. Just keep these cultures going like I do!

Free Starter Culture Ebooks to Download

When you purchase your culture come back here and download the corresponding ebook to learn step-by-step how to activate your culture and how to maintain it.


Video Tutorials for all
the Starter Cultures


Whole-Wheat Sourdough
Starter Culture Videos

Brown Rice Sourdough
Starter Culture Videos

Greek Yogurt Starter Culture Video

Buttermilk Starter Culture Video

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